Launching Summer 2022


Welcome to the Aerospace Historian where we tell the stories of the people and places that brought Aerospace to life. The countdown to launch has begun. We are working hard behind the scenes to being you a unique perspective on the history of Aerospace from the men and women who made what many thought to be impossible possible.

Be sure to come back after our launch for weekly videos and blogs on the history of Aerospace told from the perspective of the people who made many of the highlights of American Aerospace happen. We will also provide eyewitness reports from historic launch facilities that have been abandoned in place and left to fight the losing battle against the harsh elements that are decaying more and more of the history each day. 

The future of Aerospace is bright and wide open, but the stories of the past are equally revealing, and in some cases time is running out to tell those stories before they have been forgotten.

We are looking forward to telling those stories and sharing them with the next generation of space explorers and enthusiasts.

Copyright 2022 R. Anderson